Most customers (and so do I) like transparent prices on „one click“.

But you will understand that it isn’t easy to make binding calculations when it comes to a guitar build or even to a custom instrument for one client’s specific claims. There are so many factors involved, starting with the selected wood and ending with a variety of hardware, its quality and sources.

Here I will try to give you a really rough estimate on Relik’s guitar work.

If you are interested in a custom build, here you find our specifications forms.

Based on your ideas I can send you an accurate offer.


Base price for a Nova is 2’200.– CHF (not included: case / shipping)

It contains a chambered  3 piece body (Alder), with a plain maple or walnut neck, lacquered maple top (available in all solid colors!). As fingerboard we use either Pau Ferro (also called Santos Palisander or Morado), flame maple, walnut or „Blackwood Tek“ (fabulous ebony and rosewood substitute made of real wood). Basic pickups and hardware. I think that’s a very good price for a boutique instrument.

For a chambered 1-piece guitar body with (for example) a nice flame maple neck and flame maple top, premium pickups and hardware you can set price base at 2’850.– CHF (not included case / shipping).


Prices as above.

Prices on shipping are listed 🔗here.